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Also, please see the private lessons page. Check out the schedule for upcoming classes!
Puppy Kindergarten  - For puppies ages eight weeks to 6 months.   In this class puppies are taught to walk on a leash, come, sit , down, stand and stay.   We also work on problem behaviors and housetraining.  Socialization with other puppies for proper canine development Basic obedience - For dogs over 5 months old.  6 weekly sessions.  Your dog will learn to walk on a leash without pulling, sit, down, stay, come and other basic commands.  In addition we will work on solving common behavior problems.     
Advanced / Basic 2 - This class is for graduates of the basic obedience.  We will work on the transition to off leash heeling, stays, recalls etc.  It will help deepen the communication and bond. Attention Class-  This class is important for anyone who wants to compete in obedience, rally or agility. It is also wonderful for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their dog.   It is a six week class devoted to teaching the dog to focus on you.
Attention 2 and Handling - Attention taken to a deeper level with heeling.   You will learn the steps and footwork for obedience competition. Competition obedience - A weekly class that works on the exercises needed for competition obedience.  Each dog and handler work individually and as a group.  The basic novice exercises are practiced weekly along with some open and utility exercises.  Group stays are at the end of class.
Rally obedience - The prerequisite is the Basic obedience class.   Rally is a class that is fun for you and your dog.   Dog and handler proceed at their own pace through a numbered course consisting of obedience exercises.  Courses are set up weekly and you are guided through the signs.  Rally promotes fun and enjoyment for dogs and handlers! Therapy dog / Canine Good Citizen - This is a 5 week class and we work on the exercises that are in the CGC/Therapy dog test .    The 5th week will be the test.   The prerequisite is the Basic obedience class.
Ultimate Dog class-  prerequisite is Basic Obedience.   Is your dog the ultimate dog?  He/she can be!  With 2 weeks of obedience, 2 weeks of rally, 2 weeks of agility and 2 weeks of Freestyle (dancing with your dog), your dog can be the ultimate in companionship and a pleasure to be around.   This is crosstraining for dogs. Clicker training - this class will teach you the fundamentals of clicker training.  Puppies and dogs at any age can take this class.   Bring plenty of treats and treat bag.   Clickers are available for purchase.
Scent work - Puppies, dogs are encourgaged to use their nose to find objects.   This course helps build a foundation for using his/her natural scenting ability. Basic Agility - This course introduces your dog to the obstacles -  dog walk, A frame, weave poles, see saw, tire, tunnel, and jumps. Dogs should know the sit, down, stay, and come commands, and be able to walk on a loose lead. Bring plenty of soft food treats. Dogs must be on a buckle collar. 6 weekly sessions.
Intermediate Agility 1 - This course teaches handling techniques such as crosses, and side switches. The dog will learn distance work and sequencing from one obstacle to the next. The dog will begin agility  off leash control. 6 weekly sessions. Intermediate Agility 2 - This is a continuation of intermediate agility one. In this class we start to run simple courses and advance to more complete maneuvers. 6 weekly sessions.
Competition Agility - You and your dog will get ready to compete. This course teaches handling strategies and running full courses. 6 weekly sessions

Please email Nancy at hitopdog@aol.com with any questions.