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I have known Nancy for 20 years.  My Jasper was one of the many dogs Nancy rescued from horrible living conditions and a kill shelter.  She has rescued and found homes for numerous dogs over the years. Nancy knows a dog's mind and how to change a behavior into a positive experience for both handler and dog.  Her experience as a behaviorist and trainer continues to amaze me after all these years of knowing her. 

Nancy is the only trainers in the area that has brought multiple  dogs to the coveted titles of OTCH  (Obedience Trial Champion) and MACH (Master Agility Champion).   Breeds of dogs that most people claim are not trainable, are trainable using Nancy's positive training techniques. 

 Many of her students come back again and again with new dogs as they add them to their family.  Nancy's students have gone on to earn titles in Obedience, Rally-O and Agility.  Nancy is also there for her students at dog shows to give support before and after we come out of the ring.  She is always watching us even when we do not know.
Try Nancy's classes and experience for yourself the positive changes between you and your dog.  Then you too will know why her students continue to come back.

Almost two years ago we brought a wonderful 6 year old Sheltie into our home to join us, our nine year old Corgi and our cat.  Nancy was exceptional in helping us acclimate Scooter into our home.  She worked with me on obedience and Scooter earned her CGC soon after she came to live with us.  We also train with Nancy in agility and continue to use her keen insight and guidance on all matters, animal and human alike!  Nancy's ability to spot and fix  issues is uncanny and testament to her remarkable insight into animal behavior.  We wouldn't have the success we do today with our dogs if it weren't for Nancy's training, guidance and endless support and friendship.

I called Nancy the first week I got my nine week old corgi puppy and have been training with Hi-Top ever since.  Murphy and I have taken all of Nancy’s classes from Puppy Training through Advanced Agility, Rally and Obedience.  As a result, Murphy has earned her CD, Rally Excellent and MACH titles.  Nancy is more than a dog trainer, she is an expert in canine behavior and has helped work through a number of issues specific to my corgi.  Nancy can identify the source of a problem and the training solution in a heartbeat.  If you want to have fun, earn titles, or create a life long partnership with your dog, Hi-Top Dog Training

My name is Nancy and I've been involved in Obedience training for about 15 years. And I have taken classes from several top trainers over the years.  I became aware of Nancy Banask about 10 years ago, observing her at shows. I was impressed that she was experimenting with different methods including motivational training before it became widely popular.
       After taking a hiatus from Obedience, I sought out Nancy for possible instruction. I am now currently training my 4th and 5th dogs in Obedience and Rally-O.  I have been taking  classes with her for about 2 yrs. The classes are small which insures that you and your dog get the attention needed. No one gets lost in the crowd as I have seen happen in other training schools. The classes are structured so that the students are all pretty much at the same level. Class starts on time and she keeps it running. Little or no "down" time. The atmosphere is relaxed.  Nancy is a very patient teacher, explains why something isn't working without being critical. She is quite capable of working with many breeds, not just her own. When one method doesn't with a particular dog, she can improvise a method that will work. She is up to date on all the recent changes in Obedience regulations and what current judges are looking for. Since she herself shows on a regular basis, she is often available at shows for advice and support.
       Nancy also teaches Agility. She has a spacious, fenced in back yard with all the necessary equipment. Both of my current dogs have taken Agility classes there. Instruction again is top notch.
        I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends/acquaintances for training in Obedience and Agility.

I've had dogs all of my life and always trained them in the basics  myself, but since I started my puppy with Nancy in 2008, he has exceeded my expectations! Shibas have a reputation of being difficult to train, but  using Nancy's techniques, my dog is easy to handle and our relationship is great. He has even been on TV! We have added another puppy to our home and take her to classes as well. She's knows all of the basics, & I am really enjoying taking her to the next level. Nancy's methods are effective and gentle so my dogs don't need to rebel. The other day, my 10 month old puppy's collar slipped off and she came running back when I called her & slipped her head into her collar herself!

Please email Nancy at hitopdog@aol.com with any questions.